Metrolina Activity Profesionals Association

About MAPA

Purpose: To maintain an area-wide Activity Professional organization which reflects the interest and needs of the members to:

  • Expand and improve the quality of care in health care facilities, adult day care, retirement homes, assisted living communities, and other settings that provide activity services to seniors.
  • Ensure better interaction and communication between activity professionals, regulatory agencies, and other health care professionals.
  • Promote and provide appropriate educational opportunities specifically geared to the activity profession and the needs of the people it serves.
  • Advance professional recognition
  • Educate membership of legislation affecting the activity profession.
  • Provide local support and interaction among activity professionals.

Coming Soon!

We’re getting a new logo.  A class of advertising and graphic design students at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC)  has taken us on as a project. The students will submit their designs and we get to choose which one suits us the best. Thank-you, CPCC!