Metrolina Activity Profesionals Association

Join Us!

For a Printable Application to Mail in, please click HERE

To complete your Membership Application via Website, please complete the following forms and click Submit!

Dues are paid for one calendar year, which starts January 1st.  New Members are accepted throughout the year.

Individual Memberships must be paid by personal check.

If facility membership is checked, please list the facility’s address, not a home address.  Dues paid with company checks are automatically Facility Memberships.  This type of membership stays with the facility, regardless of who the activity professional is. One activity professional from the facility is entitled to full membership benefits, but each additional activity professional must pay the non-member workshop registration fee. Please note, you may pay for more than one facility membership for individuals within your department, however each facility membership is $20.00. The rights and privileges of membership remain with the facility should the individual leave employment of the purchasing facility.

Checks should be made payable to Metrolina Activity Professionals Association or MAPA.
Mail Check with member’s full name and “MAPA Membership” in the memo/for line to:

Margaret Brown
11843 Post Ridge Court
Charlotte NC 28226

If you indicated that you would like to be invoiced by our PayPal account:  Your membership will be processed in a timely manner, and an invoice from PayPal will be sent to the email address provided.  Paying with PayPal cost nothing extra.  Registering with PayPal cost nothing and is very safe. Please be sure your email on the form is correct!!!


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